Our company, which represents the pinnacle of Italian summer fruits and kiwifruit production, is synonymous with reliability, professionalism and quality for all our customers. These values are the driving force behind our business and are constantly being applied thanks to the collaboration of a skilled team of expert agronomists.

The company philosophy is embodied in all of our activities:

  • Assessment of available land and selection of suitable plots according to the characteristics of the soil;
  • Continuous varietal research to produce fruit with optimal taste smell and appearance, that is also healthy and has a long shelf life;
  • Efficient traceability system: the entire supply chain is designed to enable the origin of every single piece of fruit to be identified. We have been awarded with various accreditations (GLOBAL G.A.P., BRC, IFS, GRASP, SMETA), which guarantee the implementation of numerous monitoring and control processes. Specifically, all fruit that arrives at our packaging plant is inspected immediately upon arrival at the warehouse and again during the last packaging phase;
  • Maximum care in the implementation of phytosanitary measures: the entire company has implemented integrated pest management in the form of the mating disruption technique for many years. Continuous monitoring of residues with multiresidue analysis on freshly-harvested fruit;
  • Excellent customer service, which is reflected in rapid product delivery to ensure optimal freshness and complete availability of pack types to meet every need.